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Process Pippin





The Brief:  Design a women's t-shirt for PIPPIN on Broadway that will become part of the official PIPPIN merchandise line and sold at the theatre and online.  Baby doll style t-shirt that conveys the creativity, passion and joy of the show; drawing on inspiration from one of the following Pippin numbers:  Magic To Do, Simple Joys, Morning Glow. The Pippin logo needs to be included somewhere on the shirt but not be featured; reference shapes and colors from the show; try to include lyrics from one of the three songs.

My Plan:  Using the song 'Morning Glow' as inspiration, I wanted to make a celebratory, modern women's t-shirt that emphasized the graphic prominently (and placing 'Pippin' on the sleeve).




i gave them a couple color options...in the end, the full-color version won out.