Orange Bowl Poster 2 SS.jpg

Process Orange



2013 Discover Orange Bowl - Florida State vs. Northern Illinois


The Brief:  Create commemorative art for the 2013 Discover Orange Bowl showcasing the grandness of this world class sports-entertainment event and the explosive face-off between the Florida State Seminoles and the Northern Illinois Huskies.

My Plan:  To capture the feeling and vibe of Florida; to represent each team in a unique way; present everything together in a way that is unmistakably college football; incorporate elements of orange crate design.




I hadn't incorporated orange crate design into the first 2 yet; and while i liked the feathers and teeth, their weight and color darkened the poster a bit too much, so i decided to work them into the design more subtly; i also wanted to get back to that florida vibe by adding some miami vice pink and blue.