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 "Beer brewed with seriousness, but never forgetting FUN!  We pour our heart and head into our brewing so that something wonderful will always appear in the glass" - Lord Barsideous


The Brief:  Design the Barsideous Brewing Co. logo; Create a series of beer labels with the following inspirational starting points:

Kama Citra: 

Brewed to surprise, thrill, seduce, shock, satiate. It will open one's mind to prolonged sessions of sensual sipping pleasure. No need to deny yourself what you truly desire: Indulge your wild side - experience the double hopped pleasures of KamaCitra.

Hop Blooded:

Massive IPA - Repels Zombies!!! When this beer is consumed, you are immune to the ZOMBIE blood virus. "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Be honest. When Doomsday truly comes, would you rather have a stockpile of batteries and Spam or a homebrew with a powerful, hoppy aroma suitable to mask human scent from attacking zombie hordes and a hop bitterness that will melt their faces? 


Its silky smooth chocolate will seduce you to embrace your “dark side”.  Embrace the darkness – you know you want to...


Cacao (Latin): "food of the gods." Its aphrodisiac properties will sweeten her mood; its medicinal properties will cheer up even the most melancholy. Men: There’s a reason it’s a Stout.


A Stout, black beer, with a heart of darkness. “What Evil lurks in the heart of man … the shadow knows”? This beer is so dark it actually absorbs light and makes it darker around you. This beer is a real “Black Heart MOTHER****”


My Plan: To design labels for BB that would look right at home in Portland's eclectic microbrew collection... 




off to a good start....the designs needed a little more polish.  label shape and size also needed consideration, and i wanted to add small bottle neck designs that complimented the main labels...